Processione di San Sebastiano
Italia - Calabria - CS - Cellara
Anthropological Assets
The Saint Sebastian’s annual feast day takes place in the pre-silan small town of Cellara (Cs), on the last Sunday of August. The procession begins with a “ Tummarinaro” (drummer) playing a traditional big drum “ Grancascia”, through the streets of the village. Banners are brought out of the Church followed by priests, town authorities and the statue of the Saint placed on a stretcher carried by the statue bearers on their shoulders. The procession is arranged behind. The statue of Saint Sebastian is accompanied by a musical band through the streets of the town, while groups of mostly elderly believers, at the door steps of their houses or behind the windows, wait for the passage of the Saint and pray. Following this specific arrangement, the procession go on by alternating advances with pauses which takes place both in ritualized locations and houses. The breaks are characterised by prayers, chants and moments of silence. The procession ends at the St. Peter church parvis where a mass is celebrated. At the end of the mass, the faithful celebrate with entertainments through the streets of the village.
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