Sfilata delle Pullicinelle
Italia - Calabria - CS - Cellara
Anthropological Assets
The annual parade of #Pullicinelle#, the giant papier-mâché puppets borne along by living human walking inside, is held on the Friday before the last Sunday in August in the small town of Cellara (CS), on the occasion of the feast of San Sebastiano, the village’s patron. This particular type of parade is the result of an overlapping relationship among many primitive traditions probably linked to the cycle of seasons and to Carnival events, celebrated in neighbouring countries but interpreted in a novel and peculiar way. The giant puppets are placed and arranged in a row on the parvis of the church of San Pietro by their bearers, at around 8.30 pm. Accompanied by the sound of #Tummarini# (drums), people wearing the #Pullicinelle# lead off the giant puppet parade and move through the streets of the village running, turning on themselves and taking bows. The parade often make stops where the puppets bearers drink wine offered by some residents standing on the door step of their houses waiting for them. When the #Pullicinelle# arrive in the San Sebastiano square in front of the church of the same name, they will dance following the rhythm of a traditional Calabrian folk music.Then, walking slowly, they arrive in località #Le Vasche# where together with the young people they will dance around a pyre until the fire will self-extinguish.
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