Processione della Madonna della Consolazione
Italia - Calabria - RC - Reggio Calabria
Anthropological Assets
The procession starts from the sanctuary of the Madonna della Consolazione where a painting of the Virgin Mary is taken down from its altar and carried out of the church upon a “Vara” ( a particular wooden stretcher) accompanied by Marian songs andthe applause of the faithful. At the head of the procession are priests and a group of devotees. They are followed by the members of the Association of the Vara bearers who carry the “Vara” of the Madonna della Consolazione adorned with garlands of flowers. The Vara bearers, wearing white t-shirts and red handkerchiefs around their necks, carry in a specular position the beams placed behind and in front of the “Vara”. They are followed by prayers offered by the faithful. In this arrangement, the nine kilometres procession proceeds making several stops accompanied by the sound of a bell ringing, which serves to keep the rhythm. When the bearers arrive near the Duomo lift the “Vara” up and run towards the cathedral steps where the Archbishop, priests and devotees are waiting for them. Because of the running of the bearers, this final stretch of the procession is called “Volata” (sprint). Finally, they receive the applause of the faithful.
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