Uscita rituale della #Naca# dalla Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
Italia - Calabria - CZ - Catanzaro
Anthropological Assets
The Good Friday procession starts from the atrium of the Church of San Giovanni Battista and it is accompanied by the consuming sound of a drum and trumpet. Following it, a funeral march is played by the band arranged alongside a double-ramp staircase. Then come the town’s Confraternities with their own banners and penitential Crosses. The parade is preceded by the red Cross of the Confraternity of San Giovanni. Next to it, two men dressed in red and wearing hoods hold up two torches. They are followed by some of the faithful carrying banners. Come progressively after the members of the different Confraternities. The first ones are the brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, wearing a white tunic under a black cloak, followed by the brothers of Our Lady of the Rosary dressed in black hooded tunic and with crown of thorns on their heads. They are preceded by a child, similarly dressed to them, carrying a crown of thorns on a red pillow. Behind him is arranged a little girl dressed as the Our Lady of Sorrows. Then come the members of the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception wearing a white tunic under a sky blue cloak. One of them carries a black Cross, followed by some centurions. The last one is the Confraternity of San Giovanni whose members wear a red tunic under a red hooded cape and crown of thorns on their heads, followed by the various religious orders. The “Naca” of the dead Christ carried out of the Church of San Giovanni by the firemen on their shoulders is followed by the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows decorated with garlands of white roses, carried by devoted. In this arrangement, the procession moves through the streets of the city reliving the Passion of Christ accompanied by religious chants and prayers.
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